How to Find and Rent the Ideal Party Venue:
The ultimate guide

Finding the perfect party venue doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Use our ultimate guide and discover how to find and rent the best party venue!

Let’s face it – finding the ideal party venue is critical to the overall success of your venue. However, the whole process doesn’t have to be overwhelming, at least not from now on. Believe it or not, you can make the process a fun and interesting challenge and enjoy identifying which venue suits you the most.

We probably assume that you already know what type of party you are planning, as well as, the purpose of the party. Well, all that is left for you to do now is to follow our ultimate guide and select the best party venue.

This guide will present you a few steps that will lead you to the perfect space for your party:

Know your guest list and identify your target audience

When planning a party, one of the most important information you must know as a party event planner is who your guests will be and how many people you expect to come to the party. While the type of party you are planning will inform the choice of venue, one of the most important factors for an event space is the capacity or the number of people attending. You should make sure you know at least a rough number of guests as this will filter out your party venue options. Another factor you should keep in mind is your audience. You should make sure that the venue you will choose reflects not only the party itself but also the expectations and tastes of your guests.

Specify party dates

Before specifying the party dates, check your calendar as timing affect lots of decisions, including the venue. So, after determining the target audience and the guest list, the date of your party is the next essential factor. According to what type of party you are planning, you may discover that you either have to be flexible with the dates, in order to get the space you want or you will have to be flexible with the space to get the date you want. We suggest you to start planning sooner so you can get both, the party venue you want and the dates that suit you. Before you specify the dates for your party event, here are a few questions you need to consider – When are your guests most likely available to come to the party based on their schedules? What is the best time for your event and management team to organize the part and what venues have available space for those times?

Determine your budget

The truth is that with an open-ended budget, anyone can plan an amazing party and have an endless selection of venue choices. However, at the end of the day, your financial resources are limited and you should be really aware from the start of what these limitations are. A professional event planner can always organize a great party within an appropriate and reasonable budget. In order to calculate your budget right, here are some questions to consider – do the venues you want to use fall within your budget parameters for technical, space, and catering costs? Have you allowed flexibility in your expenses in case an item exceeds the budget? Have you negotiated a preferred rate for services and showcased the value of your role?

Follow our helpful guide and we can ensure you that you will find the perfect meeting room! Click Here

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